Annotopia, channels on the channel and new Writing project

May 27, 2019

 Really should update this website. But that is what you get when you are a one man operation.

We have been to Annotopia this weekend. Truly a great event, by Proff. Abraxo, focused on Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic, Pirate Groups and some historical groups thrown in. During the day there were many musical performances, but being stuck to our camp didn't have an opportunity to witness any of the bands. 

We are finally getting our act together. We had a photo booth, wallpanels and our new RC racing Track. All of these are in our new theme 'Arkology' that is part of my new writing Project The Association of Isthar. Short Stories I currently publish on

Not only do I enjoy the SCP-esque style of writing, I hope it will introduce the audience to a broad overview of themes, idea's and writing styles that can be explored. Off course I want to present this material on the channel at some point. 

Speaking of which due to the amount of material and diversity in style of video's we have decided to start a new channel and repost some series there. This channel is going to be focused on readings and audio drama's.  More on this at some other point.




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Annotopia, channels on the channel and new Writing project

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