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Former carmechanic, working as a technical assistant at a local school. 
Niels and Bonsart got to know one another during the Steampunk-event Emporium Vernesque in 2012. 
After a year or so they started working on more and more projects together. Bonsart coming up with stories and idea's and Olly turning them into reality, creating Dankeart's iconic Ollyboy amlong other things.


Musical Wizardry

Marco Iannello, is an Italian musician residing in the United Kingdom, and composer for media, film, and videogames, 

Between 2015 and 2017 he was part of “A Clockwork Opera”, in which he played the keyboards, and wrote all the orchestral arrangements, incorporating film music elements, in the arrangements. 

In this period he and Bonsart got acquainted and has made several instrumental compositions for the channel like 'Brutally Sexy' and the RRF opening theme.


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