The Association of Ishtar

Radio Retrofuture makes appearances on events. Our goal is tho create an immersive experience through activities like games and media-presentation.

Bonsart Bokel also  gives lectures and Steampunk and other expressions of Retrofuturism.


In honor of this story getting published in the anthology 'Tales of the Red Queen and other Stories', we have listed the pilot episode of our future podcast below!

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The Association of Ishtar is a clandestine organization which investigates the many Rifts that opens up their world to the Multiverse.

In their oath, the Associates swear to seek out and find any threats from beyond the Rifts before 'they' find them. 

Read their reports by following the link below:

We have a new website!

Because our previous webpage for the Association was confusing and hard to edit, we have looked for a solution and found Wikidot was the best choice. Currently, we are migrating all the current stories to the new site and developing the infrastructure.


We are are expecting new stories by other creators to supplement the Multiverse.